Sh-Boom and the end of 2014

It’s hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago I was a vagabond roaming the country depending on the kindness of strangers for a place to sleep. Of coarse a number of the people that I stayed with were not exactly strangers. Still they were kind to allow me to stay in their homes and often feed me. This year has provided me with memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Living in Travelers Rest these past weeks has proven to be a continuation of the adventure that I’ve been on this year. Every where I go I talk with people and so many of them have offered a warm welcome to South Carolina. The shop owners and staff that I have met in downtown Greenville and Travelers Rest all tell me that I’ll really going to enjoy living in the upstate. The folks that I talked to on the street during the Fall for Greenville festival downtown were welcoming and friendly. They all say that the upstate is the place to be and I believe them.

State Highway 25 runs through Travelers Rest and takes me up to Interstate 26 which runs up through Asheville, NC. It has taken me there quite often these past three weeks. I have been considering joining the Land of the Sky Chorus. Within the chorus there is a small group that calls themselves Sh-Boom. I auditioned with them and have attended a couple of there rehearsals. They are an interesting group of guys. They sing Doo Wop which is a very specific style of music that was extremely popular in the 50’s and early 60’s. It has continued to survive and you can find Doo Wop groups scattered all over the country if you look for them. Through the years the Genre continues to have it’s fans and has experienced numerous revivals of sorts. I am very happy to be singing with them.

Interstate 385 runs from the downtown area of Greenville and connects with Interstate 26 taking me down to Columbia, SC. Actually it would be more accurate to say Lexington and Leesville, SC. My little sister Lu has a Leesville address and Ann Knox has a Lexington address. Ann sings in the Heart of Columbia Chorus with Lu and they have recently been singing together in a quartet. Ann and I have been spending time together getting to know each other a little bit. She is a lovely lady. We have quite a bit in common since we both love to sing Barbershop Harmony and have both lost our spouses.

I will be heading back to Indianapolis around the 18th of December. The Freeman family always tries to do a caroling event prior to Christmas each year. We go out to several homes or retirement centers/nursing homes to sing for folks that are not able to get out. Mom spearheads the event but we all make suggestions about where to go. We usually end up having deserts and hot chocolate afterwards at someone’s home. It looks like this year Ann will be coming up that weekend and will add her beautiful voice to the group.

The remainder of 2014 looks to be full of singing with quite a lot of driving and family time mixed in. I’m very happy that I will be with my daughter and two grandsons for Christmas this year.

The search continues for a job that will allow me to plug in my unique skills and still allow me lots of flexibility to go and do the things that I really want to do.

Thank you to those who expressed a desire for me to continue telling my story in this blog. Your friendship means so much to me!

2 thoughts on “Sh-Boom and the end of 2014”

  1. looking forward to seeing you and meeting Ann in Indy before Christmas.. Talked with cousin Gary Sunday and the prognosis looks like cancer in the breast and possibly lymph nodes. November 25th they will know more. It’s a good time to pray. love, mf

  2. Best wishes for the Christmas holiday and being with family and new friends, Randy. I look forward to seeing you at IHB next year.

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