Back to Indianapolis for a while

99 days
8,248 miles
33 choruses
19 hosts

I guess that you could call that an adventure. For those of you who have been following me, thank you!

I found it necessary to return to Indianapolis to take care of a few pressing matters. After receiving a phone call from the tenant living in my condo on the south side of Indy I contacted a heating/air conditioning company and arranged for some repair work to be done. Certainly glad that I took the time to get three different estimates. The third company came recommended to me by my brother David and was much more reasonably priced. Thank you David!

I departed Connecticut on Friday morning May 9th and arrived back in Indianapolis on Saturday, May 10th. Mom was pretty happy to see me on Mothers Day. My daughter was pretty happy to see me too. I stayed at my daughter’s house for a week and have been at my nephew’s house the past few nights. Looks like I will be here in Indy until after the CCS annual show on June 14th, then I will resume my travels heading out to Las Vegas for the International Barbershop Convention. I’ll have over two weeks to get there so I hope to visit several more chapters along the way.

Spring is in full bloom and summer will be here soon. The trees are heavy with green and flowers are everywhere. This is the time to visit Indiana. I’ll be back again in November. My daughter Jessica is due to deliver her baby in early November. The IHB should be a lot of fun. I just spoke to my brother Michael and it looks like I will be going to Niger, Africa the last of November. David, Mike and I should be departing on the 22nd.

My cousin, Gary Freeman, and his wife Joy have been serving as missionaries in Africa for many years. We have had a standing invitation to visit for a long time now. Looks like it’s finally gonna happen. Most of you know that Mike, David and I sang as a gospel trio for a number of years. We had a pretty good repertoire at one time but we haven’t been singing together for a long time. It will be interesting to see how we have changed and how we will handle learning several new songs. We’ll need to learn at least two or three in a foreign language so that we’ll be able to connect with our new audience in Africa.

Even though I was only gone 99 days it seems so strange to be back in Indy. Things here are pretty much the same but something inside of me has changed. I have made some decisions over the past few weeks that I am certain will change the coarse of my future. Every time I think about moving back into my condo on Wildcat Drive I get an uneasy feeling. I have decided to head back down to North Carolina after completing Harmony University in early August. I will start the search for the following three things; a job, an apartment and a room-mate. As soon as I have those three things secured I will return to Indy to clear out my storage unit and head back south.

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