Connecticut, Massachusetts & Rhode Island [8 nights with the Fontaines]

After my visit with “The Brothers in Harmony” in Hamilton Square, New Jersey I drove to Tolland, Connecticut where I was hosted by Dan Fontaine and his wife Lena. Their daughter Adison was still at home but her brother Bailey was away at college so I slept in his room. They had three large black dogs that were pretty friendly, except for Hanna, who wasn’t too happy to have me hanging around. She would growl at me with a menacing deep throated growl. She never became aggressive but she did let me know that she had her doubts about me. By my last day there she was starting to get used to me. I wouldn’t say that she was starting to like me, just getting used to me.

It was very kind and generous of Dan & Lena to host me for eight nights. Dan even took some time off from work and we had a great time together. He arranged for us to visit five different chapters while I was there and took me to all five chapters in his new Audi. I loved it!

On Friday night, May 5th, I went with Dan & Lena to Cassidy Hill Winery which was not too far from their home. They have a lovely house tucked back in the hills of Connecticut. It sits on 6 wooded acres with a 1/4 mile driveway up to the house. It was homey and comfortable. I felt very welcomed there.

On Saturday night, the 6th, Dan & Lena took me to the Bushnell Theater in Hartford to attend The Connecticut Forum. That night the Forum was entitled “Nerd Fest-Why Nerds Rule the World”. The moderator was John Moe, host of NPR’s “Wits”. The three person panel consisted of Chuck Klosterman, author, Adam Savage, host of the hit show “Mythbusters” and Aisha Tyler, Comedian and T.V. Star. It was a very cool experience for me. I had never attended that type of event before. I found it to be very thought provoking and enjoyable. Something that I would like to do again soon.

As Dan and I visited each chapter we had a unique experience each time. The first chapter that we visited was “Vocal Revolution” in Concord, Massachusetts and they were working with a visual coach. Her name was Erica Spiers. Their visual presentation improved as soon as she stood in front of the chorus.

We visited Dan’s chorus (The Silk City Chorus) in Manchester, Connecticut on Monday night. They had recently presented a very entertaining show. The theme of the show had all the guys dressed as Pirates and featured songs that supported that theme. It went over so well that they are taking it on the road to other venues. I really enjoyed meeting the guys and could tell why the show had been so well received. They sang well and were having a great time together and the lyrics to some of their songs were clever and funny.

We visited “The Mad Hatters” in Danbury on Tuesday, the “Connecticut Yankee Chorus” in Wallingford on Wednesday and “The Narragansett Bay Chorus” in N. Providence, Rhode Island on Thursday.

I want to say Thank You to the Fontaines for being such gracious hosts to me for eight nights. Your kindness will not be forgotten!

When I met Dan last September in Marlborough, Massachusetts I felt like I had met someone who would be a friend for life. I certainly hope that is the case. I hope to be able to return their kindness some day by hosting them.

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    1. I am back in Indy until CCS has presented their annual show at the Palladium on June 14th. I had to return to resolve a financial issue. The furnace and AC at the Wildcat property needed an expensive repair. I will be heading out to Vegas right after the show.

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