A Windy Wednesday in Old Town Alexandria, Va

Yes, the wind is blowing and it’s in the upper 50’s. Supposed to get to 64 today. It just might. I’m strolling through Old Town Alexandria today. Stopped at the visitors center to get a map and talk to the cute girl behind the counter. She’s a fountain of information. I think she also works as a guide at one of the local museums. She was a pretty good listener too. Naturally I shared some of my story with her. She seemed genuinely interested. She kept asking me questions.

The Alexandria Harmonizers had a great rehearsal last night. Lots of men doing lots of different things. It looked like a well oiled machine. If you would like more information about the Harmonizers you can find their Wikapedia page. They are an impressive group! They are preparing to head to Normandy, France in June to participate in the 70th celebration of D-day. It’s a pretty prestigious thing to be invited to sing and represent our country in this celebration. They are up to the task. You can’t help but be impressed with this organization.

There is a lot more that I could tell you about my experience last night. If you really want to know, send me an email. My new email address is rfreeman6070@gmail.com. The other SBCGLOBAL address that I had for years is now gone. Please enter my gmail address into your contacts. Thanks!

I’m hoping to visit the Sons of the Severn Chorus tomorrow night in Annapolis, MD. Waiting to hear back from their contact guy. Stay tuned!


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