A Sweet Adeline’s Convention & three rehearsals

I woke up on Friday, April 11th in Atlanta, Georgia. Gary,Plaag had also been a guest of Clay & Becki Hine and we left at about the same time that morning. He was headed to Florida and I was headed to Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

I drove directly to the convention center downtown and heard the region 14 SAI quartet contest. I returned on Saturday to hear the chorus contest and the Show of Champions that evening. My sister LuAnne was happy to have me there. Her chorus competed and did a wonderful job. The judges were not very kind but they meant well. It was my first SAI convention. Probably not my last.

My host lives in Greensboro and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know a little bit about him. We are the same age. He lives alone and has a beautiful home. We attended the rehearsal of the Greensboro Tarheel Chorus on Monday night and the Triad Harmony Express Chorus in Winston-Salem on Tuesday night. He asked me if I would be interested in power washing his wood fence on his back patio before I left. I said “Yes, I would be interested”. So on Wednesday I power washed the inside of his patio fence. I must say that it did look a lot better when I was finished. He seemed very pleased.

On Thursday morning April 17th I left Greensboro and headed for Durham. I attended the rehearsal of the Heart of Carolina Chorus that evening. I followed my host home from the afterglow and stayed at his home last night. I’ll be back there again this evening and then I’ll be heading for Virginia on Saturday. Larry Kellogg has offered to host me for a few days when I arrive in Virginia. I know Larry from the NCHB. He is a very interesting guy and seems to know hundreds of Barbershoppers. I am looking forward to hearing his chorus on Monday night.

Last night I met some great guys at the Heart of Carolina Chorus rehearsal. One of the guys that I met was Mathew Gorman. I really need to devote an entire blog to Mathew.

Stay tuned!


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