Randall Flexible Freeman

I’ve always liked my middle name but there have been a few times when I have given some serious thought to changing it. If I ever did, I would change it to Flexible. What do you think? There have been so many times in my life when I have talked with someone who comes across as just too stubborn. You can hardly get them to admit that there is even a possibility that they might be mistaken. They are inflexible. Though I do admire people who stick to their principles and know what they want, I sometimes have a difficult time understanding people who are unwilling to bend or adapt. I really have a hard time with people who take a stand and won’t even listen to someone with a different point of view.

I guess what got me started thinking about being flexible was a conversation that I had yesterday with a lady at the SAI convention. She was asking me about my travels. She asked if I had a plan. I told her that I have a general idea of the direction that I want to go but that I am just living in the moment and am very flexible. She said “I could never do that”. When I told her that I have no idea where I will be or who I will be staying with next week she gasped. The whole idea of having no security was very scary to her. It is not scary to me. It’s exciting!

When I was in Gainesville last week I had no idea that I would be in Atlanta, Georgia before the week was over. I didn’t know that I would be sitting across the table from Clay Hine after attending a rehearsal of The Atlanta Vocal Project. I remember the first time that I saw Clay. He was performing with his quartet, FRED, in the ladies hospitality room in Denver, Colorado at an International Convention of the BHS. I was blown away by FRED. They were so funny and sang so incredibly well. The gold medals around their necks were mesmerizing.

Now I am hoping that I will be able to tell all my friends that I was at a rehearsal of “A Mighty Wind” just a few weeks before they won their gold medal in Las Vegas in 2014. I’ll tell everybody that Clay and I are good friends. That’s the way he made me feel.

The hospitality that I have experienced since leaving Indy on February 1st is so incredible! I am so grateful to my hosts and their spouses and families!

This week I am staying in Greensboro, NC with a gentleman who is a member of The Triad Harmony Express chorus. I am looking forward to attending their rehearsal this week. The adventure continues.


4 thoughts on “Randall Flexible Freeman”

  1. R~ please let me know if there are any performances in GSO. I have an Aunt and Uncle that live there and may appreciate attending.

  2. Miss you so much! We love hearing about your trip. It’s finally feeling like Spring. Lexington convention was great ! We went to the Reen Family Concert two weeks ago. They are so talented! Take care and happy travels.

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