Awesome April

So far this month has been incredible! I loved my time in Florida which just came to an end yesterday morning when I left Gainesville. I stayed with my host in Gainesville from Saturday the 5th through Tuesday night. I visited the Barbergators chorus on Tuesday evening. They had a young man named Jason who was filling in for their director. He called on me to direct the final song of the evening “Keep the Whole World Singing”. A couple of the other choruses that I visited in Florida also invited me to direct that song. Maybe that’s why I just registered to attend Directors College at Harmony University this July. I can’t say that I would have made that decision had I stayed in Indianapolis all winter.

I arrived in Alpharetta, Georgia late yesterday afternoon. The van is driving so smoothly now. I haven’t been naming my hosts to protect their privacy but I made an accept ion in my last post when I mentioned the name of the current BHS president Shannon Elswick. I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t think that he would mind. (at least I hope not)

Last night I stayed in the home of Clay and Becki Hine. Clay directs The Atlanta Vocal Project and is also the baritone in a little quartet called
“A Mighty Wind”. Becki directs The Song of Atlanta SAI chorus. I was very fortunate to sit in on a coaching session that “A Mighty Wind” had with Gary Plaag. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this International caliber quartet. It was easy to see how they could have a third place finish at the International Barbershop Convention. Besides doing some absolutely incredible singing they will be one of (if not The best) the most entertaining quartets on the stage. I’ll be rooting for them this July in Las Vegas.

In conversation with Gary this morning over oatmeal we talked about a number of things including, being your authentic self. I think that is part of what this year of travel is partially about for me. Or maybe I should say primarily about. Learning to recognize my authentic self and taking steps to make some of my dreams come true. Last year in Toronto, Canada when CCS sang “When You Wish Upon a Star” I was inspired to remember some things that have been previously been put on the back burner. Now is a good time to dream again. After all, dreams do come true.

Tell me about one of your dreams!


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