Melbourne, Florida

At the rehearsal last week in Sarasota one of the guys in the Chorus of the Keys told me that the Melbourne chapter was preparing for a show on Saturday  the 29th. He mentioned that “Round Midnight” would be performing on their show. It’s always a good thing when you get to hear one of the quartets that rank in the top 20 of the BHS. I enjoyed the show a lot. The chorus was entertaining and Round Midnight was great.

I was able to attend the Thursday night rehearsal that the chorus had. I asked if anyone could put me up for a couple of days and a gentleman responded that I could stay with him. He hosted me from Thursday night through Sunday night.  What a great guy. We had so many things in common that it was incredible. We were both born the same year within 60 days of each other. He is from a big family,  kind of a neat freak, was raised on a farm, loves music, lost his second wife to cancer, is a people person, was in the Air Force and there were several other things that we had in common as well. It was such a pleasure to get to know a little about him. He was an incredible host and I am so grateful to him for his hospitality!

I found out over the week-end that my sister Susan and her husband Bruce are going to be in Saint Petersburg, Florida this week. My brother David and his wife Donna will also be in the Saint Petersburg area this week. So . . . how can I not head back over to the area and visit with them a little while they are so close? This morning I contacted my host from Bradenton and asked if I could come back for a couple of days. He agreed so I will be heading back that way tomorrow morning. It will be a pleasure to visit with the Sarasota chapter again on Tuesday night. I was pretty impressed with those guys.

I will be leaving the Sunshine District soon.  I hope to visit a number of chapters in Georgia, South & North Carolina and Virginia during the month of April.

I am so grateful that the van is running great and that I have good health. Stay tuned.



2 thoughts on “Melbourne, Florida”

  1. Now that you are heading back to Sarasota area perhaps you will take my advice and walk the beach at Siesta Key! I promise it is the best!! 🙂

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