Sarasota, Florida

I visited with The Chorus of the Keys in Sarasota, Florida last night. They meet at a huge church in downtown Sarasota on Main Street. What a great group of guys. There are lots of really good things happening there. I was impressed with their leadership, their talented director, their friendliness and their sound. The thing that impressed me the most is, though their membership is a little older, they are very interested in improving their sound. They were preparing for the Spring District Convention that will take place in early May. I heard many of the same things that I would hear if I were back in Indianapolis on the risers with CCS. They talked about focusing on adequate preparation before singing, forward placement, proper posture, matching vowels and breath support. You know, the basics.

I had a chance to sing with the chorus, sing a tag with a group of guys before rehearsal and also sing in a quartet before leaving the rehearsal hall. One of the most enjoyable rehearsals that I have been to since leaving Indy. One of their members had done a survey at their last annual show and the results of the survey were very impressive. They now have proof that their audience enjoyed what they heard and are planning to attend next year as well. Call them and ask them about it if you don’t believe me.

One of the guys shared with me last night that the Melboune, Florida chapter has a show this Saturday night. When I left my host’s home this morning I set a coarse for Melbourne. Thank you Ray for hosting me, I sincerely appreciate your hospitality!

I was talking with a young man at a Verizon store the other day and he found it interesting that complete strangers are willing to allow me to stay in their homes. I explained that the BHS is kind of like a big family. He expressed an interest in finding out more about barbershop so I was able to get information about the nearest chapter and also show him a YouTube video that he was pretty impressed with. Who knows, maybe another guy will get bit by the singing bug.

I am excited about attending the show this Saturday night. They are bringing in “Round Midnight”, a great quartet from New York, to sing on their show. I sent a lengthy e-mail out to the Melbourne chapter this morning and hope to hear back from someone there soon. I’m traveling across the Sunshine state through the agricultural area this morning. It’s a little cooler today. I’m loving this traveling thing.

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Sarasota, Florida”

  1. Glad you are doing so well. Visiting other choruses is fun and I know you always have something to offer. Keep us posted. Hugs

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