Friday, March 21, 2014

Since leaving Indianapolis I have been extremely fortunate. I have had a bed to sleep in every night. My hosts have been incredibly kind and hospitable. Today is the first day that I have been unable to locate a place to stay. I have contacted two choruses in Orlando, Florida but I failed to take into consideration that this is spring break and lots of people are flooding into Florida to enjoy the sunshine and the hospitality of family members who live here. Hotel rates are at their highest and most places are crowded. Poor planning on my part has put me in an odd position. Fortunately I am the proud owner of a tent and I have an air mattress and lots of bedding. I am considering spending a night or two at the Ocala National Park which is not far from where I am right now. I visited with the Heart of Florida chorus last night in a place called The Villages of Florida. What an unusual place! Tons of golf carts and people walking. I am sitting at a Panera Bread restaurant enjoying an absolutely beautiful day. People are bustling all around. It’s like visiting a resort. Seems like everyone is on vacation. I guess that’s what retirement is like. I’m sitting in a shopping area that looks like a town square. The sign by my table says “Lake Sumter Landing”. I’ll take lots of photos today and when I finally get my new phone figured out I’ll get them posted.

There is so much that I want to share about the different chapters that I have visited but I really can’t right now. Last night was chorus number 12. It was a very interesting rehearsal and a great group of guys. They were preparing for the Sunshine District Convention in May. Their director, Scott Werner has quite a pedigree in Barbershop. He has directed District Championship Choruses and has a won a number of medals in both Quartet and Chorus competitions.

My host last night was such a great guy. I didn’t have an opportunity to meet his wife because she was already asleep when we got to his home last night after rehearsal and I left before she was up this morning. They have been married 47 years and are still very happy together. I told him that he is very fortunate to have that kind of relationship.

I really hate to leave this area, it is so beautiful. I may just hang out here for most of the day.

Stay tuned!


One thought on “Friday, March 21, 2014”

  1. You may want to just hang around the Villages Randy. I’ve heard it is a very sexy place with a lot of single ladies! LOL

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