Finishing touches

It takes time to pack up all your worldly possessions and get them tucked neatly away into storage. It didn’t seem like I had very much stuff until I started packing. I did end up taking my bedroom suite to Plainfield to my sister’s house. Also took a few items down to a consignment shop. Hope they sell quickly. Still have several things left on the “to do” list. Cancel cable and internet service, sign insurance papers, get keys made for realtor, etc. It should all come together tomorrow and I should be on my way out of town by Saturday morning.

Last year I hired a young man to work for me. Before I hired him I told him that I really couldn’t make any big promises concerning the future of the business, that getting a small business off the ground is a hard thing to do but that I was going to give it a try. He came along for the ride. I must say that hiring Darrel Coffman was one of the smartest things that I have ever done. He proved to be a dedicated and loyal employee. I should have paid him more because he ended up being my sounding board for so many issues in my life. Spending so much time with me all summer must have been a difficult thing for him but he seemed ever tolerant and so very patient! He didn’t seem to mind that I made him my scapegoat for every problem that we encountered. If we were late for a job I simply told that the customer that it was Darrel’s fault. If a wall got scratched or a doorway nicked, you guessed it, Darrel’s fault. If I got a head ache or a hangnail I blamed it on good old Darrel.

We had some very interesting jobs last year and met some intriguing people. Darrel was super flexible. If I needed him to come in at noon or work until 9:00 p.m. he never complained. No job was too difficult for him. We lifted and carried some items up stairs, downstairs and even around the house to or from a storage barn. No item was too heavy or to awkward for him. We carried desks, dressers, exercise equipment, couches, beds, king sized mattresses, armoires, building supplies and many other items over the coarse of the few months that we were together. So who did I call when I started packing up my stuff? That’s right-Darrel!

Darrel, I have to say, just like Dorothy said to the scarecrow, “I’ll miss you most of all”. What a summer! One that I will hold dear in my heart for having made such a great friend. Best wishes for a great future. I know that you will succeed at what ever you put your hand to. I hope that one day you’ll find a girl like Valerie. Or maybe one that will love you the way she loved me!

No matter where I travel to this year it’s for sure that I will not find a better listener than Darrel Coffman. Thanks for coming along for the ride. It was short but oh so sweet.


3 thoughts on “Finishing touches”

  1. Thank you Randy for the job opportunities and for the kind words. And it’s a good thing I have broad shoulders to have been able take all the blame for everything LOL!! I can truly say there was never a boring day and always looked forward to seeing what the challenge would be for each day. I look forward to following your journey. Be safe and have a grand time.

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