Don’t get too comfortable

I woke up this morning at 8:50 a.m. and got up out of my comfortable bed. I made my trip to the bathroom and left the room feeling much more comfortable. I slipped on my sweat pants, fleece robe and soft house slippers. I walked to the kitchen where I put on a half a pot of coffee and turned on the radio. I have a habit of listening to NPR as I eat my breakfast. I toasted a bagel and smothered it with cream cheese. My comfort food. As I looked around my castle I sighed & thought to myself “I’m really comfortable here!”

So here’s the question: why do I feel the need to leave my comfort zone?

The lure of the unknown, the chance for something new and exciting, adventure just around the corner, is that what it’s all about? Having the chance to make a first impression on someone who doesn’t know me? I could even introduce myself as Don Draper or Earl Gray. I could be different, or at least let people see a different side of me. Who knows what I might find waiting in the next city that I go to? Or who I’ll meet? I might meet some people who think and feel like I do. Maybe I’ll just have some fun instigating something that gets people talking. Then I’ll hone my listening skills. I still need some work on my listening skills.

Or is it that I’m afraid? Afraid of growing old and fat and too comfortable? I am growing older and fatter by the day. I definitely do NOT want to grow old and fat! I don’t want to start thinking like an old man. I know plenty of old men who are set in their ways and very comfortable. I don’t want to be like them.

A lot of people work their entire lives to build a comfortable place so they can retire. Then they become sedentary and their health deteriorates and their kids have to take care of them. I’m not signing up for that. I may not know what I want to do with the remainder of my life but I do know what I don’t want.

So if it comes down to living a comfortable lifestyle or living an adventurous lifestyle I would choose the later. It doesn’t have to be high adventure like sky diving or mountain climbing. I just want the final chapter of my life to be interesting enough to make for a good book. One that people would read and enjoy.

I heard a man speak recently about our lives being like a book. The front cover is our birth and the back cover our death. All the pages are the days of our lives. I just want my book to be a really good read.

Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Don’t get too comfortable”

  1. Of course you second guess your decision to begin a different journey. One that you’ve never trod before. Full of the unknown, the fear of failing or it not living up to your expectations.
    I think you will be surprised at what you find out there in this big beautiful world. Maybe you’ll come home and sell everything you have and buy a camper to take off on yet another journey.
    Maybe you’ll come back home to your comfortable home and drink your Earl Grey and eat your bagels and never travel again. But, you’ll never be a boring old fat man. It’s just not your style.
    I think that you are being drawn to something else. And, it’s not here in your comfort zone. So, be brave, be daring, be bold and be careful as you set out on the next chapter of your life!! Allow God to lead you, He’s waiting for you to allow Him in. I believe He has exciting things in store for you as you are willing to allow Him a little space in your life. The most exciting things that have happened in your life have happened when you have submitted and surrendered. I’ve been there as a witness to that!! Good luck dear brother and God Bless and keep you. I love you and believe in you. Your ever faithful, 1st birthday present!!

    1. I appreciate your support and your encouragement! We can have a private conversation about God’s plan for me at some later date. I’m gonna press on despite the delays. Thanks for following my blog and for connecting me with the Konesco’s. How do you know them?

  2. Love your blog Randy! Keep it up! Kris and I hope to meet up with you on your travels as we will be putting some miles behind us also in 2014.Currently we are camped at an Elks Lodge in Brandon Fl and we will be somewhere in Fl until around April or until it warms up in In nd then we will go back to visit the kids in Cicero and hope to make a big loop around Lake Michigan and out thru the upper states to Yellowstone and other parts west.

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