In the fall of 2013 I began contemplating my hopes for 2014. I was struggling to keep busy because the work that I had started doing in the spring was fading away. In February of 2013 I was thinking “I have what it takes to get a small business off the ground. After all I have experienced some success in the past with my previous businesses”. The primary question that I was unable to answer in February was “Do you have the drive and determination to keep at it until you achieve the success that you are hoping for”? I was optimistic that I would have the motivation and the fortitude to be able to get a new business off the ground. It wasn’t until December of 2013 that I found the answer to that question. The answer was NO, I don’t have what I need to be able to build and maintain a successful small business.

When it became painfully obvious to me that I really didn’t have the drive to build a small business from the ground up I started asking myself some serious questions. Questions like, “So what are you going to do with the rest of your life?”

Through the years I have thought many times that I would like to spend some time just traveling from town to town. After deciding to close my business I have been giving this idea a lot of thought. I am in a very unusual place in my life. I don’t have any significant debt. I have a little income that covers my bills and leaves me with a little extra each month. I still have good health. I don’t have anyone that depends on me for support. Now is a good time to consider taking a leap of faith. I’m thinking that a year of travel would be very interesting. So I am in the process of making this decision which will basically make me homeless for the entire year.

Nothing has been set in motion that can not be reversed at this point but I am hoping that will soon change. I am looking for someone to rent or lease my condo from me. I have both my work van and my trailer for sale. As these pieces come together I will know that I am doing what I should be doing.

Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Contemplation”

  1. brother, as you continue to make arrangements for your 2014, just know that God has a plan for you, one that is amazing. This should be exciting to watch. Love you

  2. Are you really certain that you want to explore other areas of America, starting in the warmer, snowless climates? Do You really prefer driving along the scenic highways and byways of the south as opposed to lifting heavy loads of furniture, boxes, appliances etc? Do you really think you will want to spend more time with your beloved family, Lu,Ray, Mike and Linda than you have been able to do in recent years? Are you saying that there is more to life than what is here in the hot spot of the world, Indpls? And finally………do you need some company?

  3. Each day we are give is a gift and we don’t know how many days we have left. I admire you for deciding to live life and explore what this beautiful country has to offer. Spending time with friends and family is priceless. The essence of a person is not the things they own but what they have inside them .You will be able to share thru word and pictures what this journey has meant to you, what a great gift to share with us all.

    1. I finally have all my stuff in storage and I am at my sister’s house in Columbia, SC. today. I hope to be able to talk to Beverly Greene about the Chuck’s workshops sometime this week. I may try to pick up where he left off. I’m very impressed with the amount of research and work that went into putting together CACM! Are you familiar with Chuck’s work? I may be going to Charleston, SC this coming week-end to visit with a friend who just moved there from Indianapolis.
      Stay tuned and you”ll learn more about my plans for the year.

      1. I will stay tuned. (And, no, I’m not familiar with CACM or Beverley Greene or Chuck. Call me green.)

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